Kwartludium – Beatbox

One of the most unique concerts which took place in the course of the past few years on the European contemporary music scene was undoubtedly the performance of Kwartludium together with beatboxers. The world’s first performance of the compositions written especially for the ensemble and the best Polish beatboxers TikTak and Zgas took place during 51st International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn” in 2008. Commissioned by the festival, six compositions were written by the most promising Polish and Latin American new generation composers.
The programme includes:
Juan Manuel Abras – Chacarera beatboxera
Dobromiła Jaskot – Hum…
Andrzej Kwieciński – 14’48(3)
Paweł Hendrich – Cyclostratus
Michał Górczyński – Massive
Gabriel Paiuk – Distancia (efectos de superficie)
Duration approx.60 min.

Technical requirements for the project with beatboxers:
1. reserve of 8 condenser microphones
2. reserve of 8 dynamic microphones
3. 2 vocal microphones
4. 5 independent playback channels
5. stage 5m deep and 7m wide
6. 5 sets of earphones with the appropriate cabling
7. CD player or laptop