Kwartludium ensemble, specialising in the performance of contemporary music, well known for promoting the works of a young generation of composers, this time set off on tour around Ukraine with a programme comprising exclusively Polish graphic scores primarily from the 1960s and 1970s. The band will be performing at three concerts, presenting their interpretation of the graphics and collages of such eminent artists as Bogusław Schaeffer, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati or Krzysztof Knittel.  The musicians will also perform a graphic piece by Jerzy Kornowicz entitled Gullfoss, specially commissioned by the ensemble in 2012. The composition was included in a record released by DUX record label, which the band entirely devoted to Polish and Danish graphic music. The tour is a result of Kwartludium’s collaboration with Bohdan Sehin, a composer and director of “Contrasts” International Contemporary Music Festival in Lviv. Presentations of these works, so unique in the Polish culture, will take place on 12-14 October in Kiev, Lviv and Tarnopol. Apart from concerts, there will also be meetings with the public and workshops addressed to students of the Lviv Academy of Music devoted to interpretation of graphic scores. The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the “Promotion of Polish Culture Abroad – Promesa 2017” programme.

Kwartludium ensemble began the third edition of the international residency programme for composers run by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. In previous years, we had the pleasure of working with composers such as: Rei Munakata, Joakim Sandgren and Mika Pelo. This time we will be honoured to cooperate with Fredrik Gran and Dror Feiler.

We invite you to the premiere performance of Tadeusz Wielecki’s work – “Multiple Image”!
28 October 2016, 19.30, the Chamber Hall of the Katowice Polish Radio National Symphonic Orchestra, concert as part of the Silesian Days of Contemporary Music. Tickets PLN 15.00. The first repetition of the work will take place at the New Waves Festival in Gdańsk, 15 November 2016, 18.00, Bourgeois Hall, Old Town Hall – the seat of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. Entry is free! The second repetition will take place as part of the Musica Moderna Festival in Łódź, 7 December 2016, 19.00, Chamber Hall of the A. Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź. Tickets PLN 32.00/PLN 22.00. Tadeusz Wielecki’s work was composed within the framework of a task co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the “Collections” programme – “Composing Commissions” priority, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

In 2015 Kwartludium realizes the project “The Contemporary Galicia… The Five Works on the Way”, which includes five pieces written for the ensemble – three by Polish composers: Aleksandra Gryka, Karol Nepelski, Jarosław Płonka and two by Ukrainian composers: Anna Arkushyna and Zoltan Almashi. Commissioning of the compositions were co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the “Collections” programme – “Composing Commissions” priority, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance. The world premiere and recording of the works will take place on 7 October during “Contrasts” International Contemporary Music Festival at Lviv Philharmonic. The first repetition of the work will take place as part of the same Festival at the Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic on 8 October, and the second at the aXes Festival in Kraków on 17 October 2015.
Combining the works by Polish and Ukrainian composers in one repertoire and their presentation in both countries will constitute a rare opportunity to acquaint the Polish public with contemporary Ukrainian compositions and at the same time to present new Polish works in Ukraine. The project will also allow to develop cooperation and mutual inspiration among the artists of the young generation from both countries.



Let’s play with the new music!

18th of May 2014, Concert Hall of Swietokrzyska Philharmony in Kielce.
Concert dedicated to children from 4 to 12 years old.
„Kwartludium in Wonderland” is both a concert and a playground. Using the language of  fairytales Kwartludium invites children on the journey into the wonderful new music land. In a very skillful way this music event combines the concert of contemporary music with all activities that children love. They are invited to watch a movie, play instruments, draw pictures, move around, play in a group or just by themselves. It makes children play music and play with music, listen and experience new music and last but not least LIKE contemporary music.
Ensemble will present compositions by Eduardo Moguillansky, Aleksandra Gryka, Sławomir Wojciechowski, Dariusz Przybylski, Denis Bosse, Denis Pousseur, Matthias Ockert, Arne Sanders, Louis Andriessen.
Following concerts:
8th of November Suwalski Ośrodek Kultury
9th of November Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Olsztynie
6th of December Łodz’s Philharmony
The concert supported by New Music: New Audiences Project EU Culture Fund and The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

JACASZEK and KWARTLUDIUM new project „Catalogue des arbres” will be released by TOUCH (Fennesz, Biosphere, Chris Watson) early 2014! The live premiere of the album takes place this Sunday (20.10) at Krakow Philharmonic Hall as final show of 11th Unsound Festival. We share the evening with Oren Ambarchi and Simphonietta Cracovia.

We are glad to announce that on 11-12.10.2012 we are recording our third album. The programme includes graphic compositions by Aleksandra Gryka, Slawomir Wojciechowski, Dariusz Przybylski, Krzysztof  Knittel. On the record there will also appear Dannish composers with whom the ensemble cooperated during Open Form Festival in Copenhagen: Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen, Henrik E. Rasmussen and Regin Petersen. Moreover, Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), the well-known British electronic musician, has accepted our invitation to cooperation and we will perform together during the festival of improvised music Ad libitum. The performance and studio sessions will be recorded and released on DUX label. The record will hit the market in December 2012. The ensemble has received financial support from the Marshall of Pomeranian Voivodship scholarship programme for artists and from Authors’ Society ZAiKS.

This year will also see the release of a record executed together with the acknowledged electronic musician Jacaszek who was also the originator of the project.  The music content will consist of our original reinterpretations and improvisations around the theme of Catalogue d’oiseaux by Olivier Messiaen, enriched with refined electronic sounds.

Feel invited to see our live performances. In the nearest future you’ll be able to hear us in Warsaw, Kiev, Brussels, Sopot and Lodz. Details in Concerts section.

24-25.10.2012 a conference opening the project new:audiences will take place in Brussels. This is a continuation of the European project re:new and simultaneously another stage in the cooperation between Kwartludium and 30 European ensembles performing contemporary music. Within the two upcoming years the groups will work on practical development of new concert concepts. Search for new audience, opening to new forms of performing contemporary art, educational activity are among the goals posed by the leading group.  We are proud to say that Kwartludium has been invited to this selective team who will supervise the works carried out within the project.

We’re glad to announce that Kwartludium’s brand new album published by DUX record label is available in the reputable music shops.
The works by the most promising, talented composers of the young generation from Poland, Germany and Argentina are included in the album. They are among others: Wojciech Blecharz, Sławomir Wojciechowski, Dobromiła Jaskot, Paweł Hendrich, Gabriel Paiuk and Arne Sanders.
The album is also supported by outstanding Polish beatboxers: TikTak and Zgas.

Concerts and projects in 2011
Kwartludium received an invitation to a large number of prestigious concerts, inter alia  in Copenhagen, Berlin and Moscow.

On 15.05.2010 Kwartludium will perform during Musica Polonica Nova festival in Wroclaw. The concert will take place in Wroclaw Philharmonic. The programme will include: Karol Nepelski (first performance), Wojciech Ziemowit Zych, Aleksandra Gryka, Wojciech Blecharz, Roman Haubenstock. In the second part of the concert the group will present among others a musical interpretation of a text by a young Polish playwright Michal Walczak. “The Night Bus” has been directed by Szymon Kaczmarek, the whole performance being visually completed by Cokierek.

Kwartludium continue their concert cycle within the international project re:new. So far the ensemble has presented compositions by Gilles Gobert and Jean Pierre Delenze during three concerts in Warsaw, Slupsk and Gdansk. Currently they are preparing for another performance, which will take place on 25.04.2010 during “Musica Moderna” Festival in Lodz. In the concert programme you will find among others compositions by Wojciech Blecharz, Slawomir Wojciechowski, Arne Sanders as well as Bill Sweeney’s work entitled Night song, which makes a part of the re:new project. The composition will be prepared and conducted by Przemysław Fiugajski.

European Workshop for Contemporary Music 2010
In the period between 06.04-11.04.2010 Kwartludium will take part in a Polish-German project organized by Deutcher Musikrat and Polish Institute in Düsseldorf. During two concerts which will be held in Robert Schumann Hochschule (Düsseldorf) i Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal (Köln) works by Polish and Ukrainian composers will be presented. The programme will include: Bohdana Frolyak, Aleksandra Gryka, PRASQUAL, Lubava Sydorenko, Larisa Vrhunc, Joanna Woźny. The whole will be conducted by Rüdiger Bohn.
For more information check

Kwartludium are preparing to record their second studio album. The recording session will take place in the period of 13-19.08.2010 in the Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Gdansk and the material will be released by a record label DUX. The programme will include compositions of the most promising and renowned young generation composers from Poland, Germany, Argentina i.e. Wojciech Blecharz, Slawomir Wojciechowski, Dobromila Jaskot, Pawel Hendrich, Gabriel Paiuk, Arne Sanders i Eduardo Moguiliansky. On the album there will also appear the best Polish beatboxers (TikTak and Zgas) and the world famous baritone Frank Werner (Gremany). The whole will be conducted by the composer and conductor E. Moguiliansky (Germany/Argentina).  The ensemble has already received financial support within the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship grant programme for creators of culture.

Kwartludium opens a cycle of concerts within the international project re:new. The first one will take place on 18th September 2009 during „Warsaw Autumn” festival in Chamber Music Hall of Warsaw Philharmonic at 10.30pm. The group will perform a composition of Gilles Gobert entitled “Piece pour piano, percussions et support  audio”.
The concert program will include works of such remarkable composers as Georges Aperghis, Eduardo Moguilliansky, Sławomir Wojciechowski, Philippe Manoury. Kwartludium, together with the composer, will also conduct an open rehearsal on 18.09 at 9am.
Moreover Gilles Gobert will give a lecture entitled „Some thoughts about contemporary notation especially in electronic music” on 17.09 at 2pm in J. Elsner Level II School of Music at Miodowa Street.

Kwartludium have found their place among 22 leading European ensembles specializing in performing the newest music who have been invited to participate in an ambitious European project Re:new Music.
Ensembles, i.e. Reconsil, Klangforum  Wien, On Ensamble, Hebrides Ensamble, Cikada Ensamble and London Sinfonietta undertook a task of creating a database of compositions by European composers out of their repertoire and performing a series of concerts in 2009/2010 season. The idea behind this project is exchange of repertoire, popularization of native composers in Europe, and making Polish audiences familiar with European repertoire.
Kwartludium brought forward for the project compositions of W.Z. Zych, A. Gryka, W. Blecharz, D. Przybylski among others.
The project was brought into life by Nordic Composers Council and is administered by Danish Composers Society. The Polish part of the project is under the patronage of Polmic. Poland is represented by ensembles Kwartludium and Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej from Katowice.