Foundation for New Music Kwartludium

was established in 2013 with the main purpose of promoting contemporary music in Poland and abroad. The Foundation has carried out several projects, including those funded from programmes of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, under which concerts, workshops for children and lectures for students in Poland and abroad (Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Sweden) have been held.

As part of the Composer Commissions programme implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance, fourteen new musical works have been written to the Foundation’s commission by the following composers: Jarosław Płonka, Karol Nepelski, Aleksandra Gryka, Anna Arkushyna, Zoltan Almashi, Tadeusz Wielecki, Wojciech Błażejczyk, Krzysztof Wołek, Jan Duszyński, Teoniki Rożynek, Rafał Ryterski, Dominik Strycharski and Marsel Nichan.
Since 2014 the Foundation has been collaborating with the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. As a result of this collaboration, eleven pieces by Swedish composers dedicated to the Kwartludium ensemble have been composed. To date, composers who have participated in the residency programme include Rei Munakata, Joakim Sandgren, Mika Pelo, Fredrik Gran, Dror Feiler, Mansoor Hosseini, Ivo Nilsson, Alessandro Perini, Henrik Denerin, Fabian Svensson, Marsel Nichan, Ann Rosen and Frej Wedlund.